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5 Fav Books of 2016 According to Moi

All the books on my list gave me the same feeling that a person gets when they rediscover LEGO again. There’s equal senses of satisfaction for completing the LEGO set as there is for learning to look at things in a more creative and unique way. Each book rewarded me to continue to stretch my lateral thinking, challenge assumptions in front of me and encouraged me to keep my eyes and mind open.

If you're unfamiliar with any of the titles I'd encourage you to add each to your reading list…

A Burglar's Guide to the City
by Geoff Manaugh

In A Burglar's Guide to the City, there’s a lot of examples of how “the bad guy” reuses what architects never had in mind for walls, roofs and underground to their advantage.


How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking about Art
by David Salle

I recently saw David give a reading from his book. While the passages were good, what struck me first when I started reading the book was the compelling narrative of his past and observations of related artists. Reading it gave me a fresh perspective on thinking about art that I had all but forgotten. My only wish is that the next edition of the book shows more examples of what he talks about.


Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way  
by Lars Mytting

For the vast majority of people that will consider reading this book will be this question – “how can there be a full book about firewood?”. Well for those that finish it, its a great read about the process from start to completion of a philosophy and culture. As I read the book it made me wonder what other process' are out there that I should read.


Mapping Experiences: A Complete Guide to Creating Value through Journeys, Blueprints, and Diagrams
by James Kalbach

Mapping Experiences is one of those books that should be on every UX practitioners shelf. It pulls in a lot of sources and examples that's a great resource. Its really helpful for framing projects early on.


Overview: A New Perspective of Earth Hardcover
by Benjamin Grant

Overview is a visually stunning guide to where we all live. The book is broken into 9 sections of “where we are”. While reading and looking through the book, it gave me a new appreciation for both human made systems and what the environment around us provides.


Michael Surtees