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Time Moves On…

It's been quite a while since I posted any real content anywhere. For far too long I've been lazy just tweeting other people's links of stuff. Today seemed as good as any day to start a new optimistic pursuit. Building off of what I started with Design Notes many, many years ago, I'm looking forward to starting from the basics again. 

I've been most successful when I was heads down exploring and connecting the dots to things that I found fascinating. It seems crazy not to put all the tools that are available to create and share today in to a new edition.

I think its fitting to start my first post here at Progression Location with a couple definitions and pull in some of the content from my About section.

So what's with the name Progression Location aside from the fact I could get the url?

Simple Definition of Progression:
• the process of developing over a period of time
• a continuous and connected series of actions, events, etc

Simple Definition of Location:
• a place or position
• the act of finding where something or someone is
• the act of locating something or someone

Combining those two concepts felt right for what I'm ready to publish and part of my M.O. From my About section of Progression Location. 

While Instagram, VSCO and Flickr offer venues for posting images, they don’t allow for long form photography stories. This site will collect those narratives that social media sites miss.

Design is not so much a profession as it is a lifestyle for those that practice it. Through the lens of how people experience design (both good and bad), notes, posts and other types of documentation will find its way on to Progression Location.

In terms of rhythm, that's going to take some time to come together. For now there's a new way for me to press the publish button and I hope you're curious as I am to see what this evolves into.

Michael Surtees