Connecting the dots through photos… Authored by Michael Surtees


Testing a new site for long form photography and notes about the world around us.


Started in September 2016, Progression Location builds off of Design Notes from Michael Surtees

While the site is in its soft launch period, the site connects a number of passions of his – photography, the experience for people through design and publishing. 

While Instagram, VSCO and Flickr offer venues for posting images, they don't allow for long form photography stories. This site will collect those narratives that social media sites miss.

Design is not so much a profession as it is a lifestyle for those that practice it. Through the lens of how people experience design (both good and bad), notes, posts and other types of documentation will find its way on to Progression Location too.

Michael Surtees has been hitting the publish button since 2005. When not writing about his thoughts on design, he spends his time at Lab49 as a Senior UX member. His work can be found in major news rooms, on financial desks and within the intelligence community.

Progression Location is published in New York City. Michael can be reached by michael at michaelsurtees dot com.