Connecting the dots through photos… Authored by Michael Surtees

Jenga Tower

Its by no means the tallest building in New York but it is unmistakable from any part of the city. I like this building for the same reasons why most people do. Aesthetically it is so unfamiliar yet familiar at the same time. Depending on the direction a viewer is looking at the building, blocks of the building are being pulled out and moved around. Its that view that is recognizable too - hence why the building is nicknamed the “Jenga Tower” at 56 Leonard. 

Coming under the building for the first time I was surprised and a bit disappointed at it. The bottom half relied on optical impressions to give the jagged form. Subsequent times that I've walked by this bottom view has grown on me. In part because of the patterns the negative space create from the decks that are protruding out.

Just like the Empire State Building, I use the Jenga building as a compass point the help me pin point where I am in the city. Both buildings get hidden by taller buildings from time to time but when they're in view they always have something to show.

IMG_1732 2.jpg