Connecting the dots through photos… Authored by Michael Surtees

H10—From the Drawing Board to the Wrist – Designing Watches with Integrity

Of all the discussions going on to celebrate ten years of Hodinkee, I was most interested in attending From the Drawing Board to the Wrist – Designing Watches with Integrity. Speakers were the IWC creative director Christian Knoop, Vacheron Constantin heritage and style director Christian Selmoni, and Bulgari managing director Guido Terreni. The event did not disappoint. Overall there was a lot of agreement of points between Christian and Christian, Guido took more of an independent view as they talked with Stephen Pulvirent of Hodinkee. While I'm not planning to be a watch designer any time soon – there were a lot of soundbites relatable to other design fields. As a side note the event was live streamed to the Hodinkee site at

Not in chronological order, here's a couple notable points that spoke to me.

A white piece of paper is a great thing to attack.

There's 3 reactions to a design—a person either likes, doesn't like it or says wow!

Today's trend to replicate vintage is based on looking to the past as there's uncertainty in the future. The future should be a better place be (strive for).

We stopped looking at competitors.

When you buy a watch it lasts forever—the watch lives on the person that bought it.

The emotional requirements and functions are as important as the mechanical ones…

Design is the sole of who we are.

Along with a photo of the discussion I’ve included two angles of a Lamborghini Miura that was parked inside. It didn’t have anything to do with the talk aside from proximity. In any case it was cool so I’m including it here…

IMG_6365 2.jpg
IMG_6370 2.jpg